Volume Two, Issue Four. Summer 2005. 24 Pages Glossy A4 with colour cover.
Radio Tech: CB PLL Theory explained (by Jos Hahn).

Circuit Madness: CB Modifications (by Jos Hahn).

Cybernet Mods: More CB Modifications (by Martyn Vella).

Syncro Mail Order Price List: Four page catalogue.

Equipment Review: Dragon SS-497 11/10 Metre transceiver (by Vince Childs).

Equipment Review: HLA-150 Linear Amplifier (by Raymond Stuart).

Equipment Review: Dragon SY-252 Two Metre mobile/base transceiver (by Bob Harper).

Antenna Techniques: A look at the "J" pole antenna (John Tower).

Propagation: IPS Propagation Prediction Charts.

Equipment Review: Solarcon CB Antenna (by Albatross Radio 08; Vin).

Article What is CTCSS? (by Jos Hahn).

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