Computer Software for Shortwave & Radio Scanner Listeners
All software (except where noted) use the Windows operating system.

They are either freeware, shareware or commercial software.

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Aviation Radio Related Software or Sites

Acars Decoder for Linux and Windows

Acars (Links)

Acars Log Analyser

AIS Decoder

AirNav (Plots Aircraft Routes)

Aurora Virtual Radar
Epirb Plotter (Decodes Epirb signals)

KG Acars (Freeware ACARS Decoder)

NDB Finder (Analysis and Decoding Software)

PC-HFDL (HF Acars Decoding)

Planeplotter (Acars Decoding)

Selcal On-line Database

World Aero Database (On-line)

Logging Software

AIO (All in One) Logging & Contesting (Has SWL Feature)




Ham Radio Deluxe (Has SWL Schedule feature)


Lux Log (Ham and SWL Logging feature)

Radio Logging Freeware (RLA) for Microsoft Access

SIGINT Systems Harvester

SWL Log System (Freeware)


Propagation Prediction Software

Ace HF

DX Toolbox


Propagation Wizard



Voaprop (Front-end for VOACAP to make it easier to use)


Radio Signal Decoding Software

Analyzer 2000

DRM Software Tools

DTMF Decoder

Frisnit Navtex (Sitor B) Decoder

GMDSS for MultiPSK
Go2Monitor Professional Multi-Mode Decoder

Hoka (Multi-Mode)

JVComm (Weather Fax, Synop, Sstv and Navtex Decoder)

Krypto500 (Multi-Mode Decoder)

Metar Weather (Interprets Metar)

MixW (Multi-Mode)

Mmhamsoft (Multi-Mode)

MPT1327 Decoding (Linux and Windows)

MRP40 Morse Code Decoder

MultiPSK (Multi-Mode)

PC-ALE Decoder

PDW Pocsag/Flex Decoder

RadioRaft (Multi-Mode)

Rivet Decoder (Decodes uncommon radio modes and Requires Java)

Ship Plotter

Sigmira (PSK31, RTTY and CW Decoder)

Synop Decoder

TrueTTY (Multi-Mode)

Trunk Monitor

Trunksniffer (MPT1327) Decoder for Uniden UBC-780 Radio Scanner

Trunk Sniffer (MPT1327) Decode)

Trunkview (MPT1327) Decoder

Wavecom (Multi-Mode Hardware and Software)

Weather Graphics

WiNRADiO Advanced Trunking Option for WR-G305 Receivers

WiNRADiO Digital Suite

WiNRADiO FSK Decoder

WiNRADiO Trunking Decoder

WxSat (Decodes Weather Fax: First Site)

WxSat (Decodes Weather Fax: Second Site)

YaND (Yet another NAVTEX Decoder
Receiver or Radio Scanner Control Software

AFS-780 (Radio Scanner Control)

BC780 (Radio Scanner Control)

BCTool (Freeware for Uniden Dynamic Memory Radio Scanners)

Butel (Radio Scanner Control)

CCRadiotech (Free Radio Scanner Control for Uniden UBC-3300, 780, 785)

ControlSoft (Software to control AOR-AR8600 & AOR-AR5000 Radio Receivers)

Dxtra (Receiver Control)

Ergo (Receiver Control)

FreeScan (Control Software for the Uniden 396, 996 Radio Scanner)

Frequency Manager (Receiver Control and Station Database)

FTBVR5K Yaesu VR-5000 (Memory Editing)

G8JCFSDR Software Defined Receiver (Requires SDR Hardware)

Icom OKA ( Icom Receiver/Transceiver Control)

ID Tracker (Talkgroup ID tracker for trunking scanners)

KGKSDR Software Defined Receiver (Requires SDR Hardware)

N4PY (Receiver and Tranceiver Control)

OH1SDR Software Defined Receiver (Requires SDR Hardware)

ProScan (Receiver Control)

PSR Edit (Control Software for GRE PSR-500 & 600 Radio Scanners)

Radio Com (Receiver Control)

Radio Control (Receiver and Radio Scanner Control)

RadioMax (Radio Scanner Control)

RBasic (Winradio add-on Control Software)

Rocky SDR Software Defined Receiver (Requires SDR Hardware)

RxPlus (Receiver Control)

Rxwings (Receiver Control)

Sangean ATS-909/Realistic DX-398 Programming Software

Scancat (Receiver Control)

Scancontrol (Radio Scanner Control)

Scannerbase (Control of Uniden 246 & 396 Scanners)

Scanstar (Radio Scanner Control)

ScannerWear (Radio Scanner Control)

Scopestation (Receiver Control)

SDRAngel (Transmitting and Receiving) SDR Software (Open Source)

TK-545 (Receiver Control for the JRC NRD-545 Receiver)

TK-75 (Receiver Control for the Icom IC-R75 Receiver)

TrunkStar Pro (Receiver Control)

Uniden UBCD-396T Advanced Scanner Director (Size 7 Mb)

Uniden UBCD-996T Advanced Scanner Director (Size 13.1 Mb)

Unitrunker (MPT1327 and Apco 25) decoder

Visual Radio (Receiver Control)

VR-5000 Signal Capture and Analysis (Receiver Control)

Winrad Software Defined Receiver (Requires SDR Hardware)

Winradio (Receiver Control for Winradio)

WinScan780 (Radio Scanner Control)

Xrs (Winradio)

Satellite Tracking Software
Earth Orbit Objects







Schedule Database Software

Frequency Manager

Radio Explorer

Time and Mapping Software

Alpha Clock

AGW DXClock (12/24) Hour Transparent Clock

Aziworld (Creates Great Circle Maps)

Breitling World Time

Calendar Magic

Dimension 4 (Time Sync)

Simon's G4ELI World Map

Great Circle for Windows (Creates Maps)

Pizza (Creates Great Circle Maps)

World-Wide Lat & Lon (On-Line)

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