Links to HF (Shortwave) Radio Broadcasting Information, Publications, Remote Controlled Radio Receivers, Shortwave/DX Radio Clubs, Standard Frequency and Time Signal Stations.
Air Traffic Control (ATC) and Aviation Radio

ATC Monitor

Flight Radio

HF Aviation Frequencies


Major World Air Route Areas "MWARA" - RadioReference Wiki

Miami ATC (USA)

Radio related articles and information

Acars Home

Australian Communications & Media Authority (ACMA) Frequency Register

Australian Radio Monitoring Forum

ACMA Official Australian Broadcasting Station Listing

BCL News

Does Shortwave Radio have a future?

Don't short change your Shortwave - The Daily Texan

DRM Broadcasting (USA) 26 Mhz

DX Asia Info


DXing Info

DXing in Japan

DX Propagation

Ears to Our World (Charity that donates SW Radios)
Empire of Noise (Documentary in English Language with Lithuanian subtitles about Radio Jamming)

Fingers still on the Shortwave Dial in Japan

Five Below - Blog for owners of Perseus Software Defined Radio

Glenn Hauser's World of Radio

Globe Wireless

HF Fax Information

High Frequency (HF) - Signal Identification Wiki
Historical Radio Society of Australia (S.A. Group)
Internet’s Impact on International Radio - Radio World

Interval Signals Archive

IPS Australia (Propagation Information)

Italian Radio Archives (LF, MF, HF DRM etc)

Marine Radio Weather Services (Australia)

Marine Traffic (World Wide AIS-Greece)

On the Shortwaves (Current and Shortwave History)

Pentacomstat (Australia)

Plugged In - Shortwave radio still packs an audible thrill! - The Guardian

QSL Archive (Dokumentationsarchiv Funk)
Radio Berlin Internacional (GDR/DDR Spanish Espana Service)

Radio Berlin International (GDR/DDR Shortwave Broadcast Station)

Radiodxer: On-line forum for UK SWLs and Hams

Radiointelligencer (DX Information)

Radio-Portal (Search Engine)

Radio Waves below 22 Khz (VLF)

Shortwave Central Blog Spot (SW Info & News)

Shortwave is actually experiencing a resurgence!

Shortwave Radio is retaining its longtime magic!!

Shortwave Listeners Delight (Australia)

Shortwave Monitor

Shortwave Radio Audio Archive

Shortwave (UK) (On-line Listeners Logs)

Space Weather

SWS- Radio and Space Services (Australia)

The Radio Resource

Transmitter Documentation Project

Two Bobs – Switzerland In Sound

VE3HLS Radio Frequency Interference Info (Lots of Sound Samples)

Why WWV and WWVH Still Matter  - Radio World

Utility DXer's Forum

Utility DXing: A Primer (25 Megabyte pdf)
Radio Stations of Interest


Channel Africa

AMERICA (North and South)

Adventist World Radio

Radio Canada International

Radio Habana Cuba

Radio Habana Cuba (English Language Service)

Voice of America (News Now)

Voice of America

World Harvest Radio



All India Radio

China Radio International

NHK World (Radio Japan)

Radio Korea International

Radio Pakistan External Services

Radio Taiwan International

Voice of Korea (DPRK)


Adelaide Commercial Radio Station "Cruise 1323 AM"

Adelaide Commercial Radio Station "1395 5AA"

ABC News Radio

ABC Radio National

Radio New Zealand Pacific

Radio Station 4KZ (4 Kay Zed) 5055 Khz, Innisfail, Queensland, Australia. (Relay of MW Transmission)
Reach Beyond Australia


Radio Austria International

BBC World Service

Radio Bulgaria

Radio Deutsche Welle

Radio Exterior de España (SW Services resuming late 2018)

Radio Prague

Radio Romania International


Iran IRIB English World Service

Radio Kuwait (Frequency Information)

Radio Kuwait (Real Audio Site)

Radio Related Publications

Klingenfuss Publications

McFarland Publishing (Canada)

Monitoring Matters (On-line only magazine)
Popular Communications Magazine Archive (USA)
Radio Data Center (Owner of WRTVH) (Germany)

Radio Shack Catalogues (On-line Archive (USA))

RadioUser Magazine (United Kingdom) Merging with Practical Wireless from Jan 2023 issue)

Spectrum Monitor (On-line only magazine) (USA)

World Radio TV Handbook (WRTVH) (New Owners)

Radio Station Organisations

Digital Radio Mondiale


Shortwave Radio Station Schedules

DRM Shortwave Broadcast

EIBI Shortwave Broadcast Schedules

HFCC Official Schedules

HF Schedules

International Listener

ILG: International Listening Guide access site

Prime Time Shortwave

Shortwave Database

Shortwave Language and Frequency Schedules

Shortwave Listening Guide

Shortwave Listeners Database

Shortwave Radio Info
Remote Controlled Receivers

Control or listen to a receiver via the Internet with these sites. Please keep in mind that these sites may be down at any time due to their local weather conditions. (Thunderstorms etc.) Also be aware that due to differences in time and day; some frequencies that should be active are not!
A broadband connection is required.

Drake R8 (Virginia, USA)

Icom R75 or Ten-Tec Rx-320 (New York City, USA)

On-Line Icom R-75 Shortwave Receiver via EI7DAR (Ireland)
On-Line Yaesu FRG-100/DRM Wellington, New Zealand
On-Line Software Defined Receiver (Mainly Amateur Radio & Requires Java)


NASA VLF on-line Receiver

SDR HU (SDR Receivers in many countries)
Web SDR On Line Radio Receivers (Mainly Amateur Radio & requires Java)
Web SDR On Line Radio Receiver VK2MB (Sydney, Australia)
Shortwave Listening/DX Clubs/On-line Forums

Bcl China (Peoples Republic of China)

British DX Club (UK)

DX Antwerp (Belgium)

Naswa (North American Shortwave Association) USA

Naswa (North American Shortwave Association) Archives - USA

Nzdxrl (New Zealand)

Ontario DX Association (Canada)

Speedx Shortwave Club Archives - USA
SWLing Post Message Board

Universal DX League (India)

World-Wide DX Club (World-Wide)

Shortwave Listening/DX Programmes

Communications World Transcripts (Voice of America) (Now Ceased Production)

DXers Unlimited (Radio Habana Cuba)

Standard Frequency and Time Signal Radio Stations

CHU (Canada)

CHU Radioworld Magazine Article (Dec 2020)

HF Time Signal Radio Broadcasts List


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