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Amateur Radio Manufacturers

Please Note: Links are in addition to the manufacturers page on this site.

Antennas US (USA)

Azden (Japan)

Australian Radio Industries (Australia)

Australian Radio Towers

Benelec (Australia)

Broadband Propagation (Antenna Manufacturer, Australia)

Bushcomm Antennas (Australia)

Ciro Mazzoni (Loop Antennas, Italy)


Elecraft (USA)

Gap Antennas (USA)

Genesis Radio Software Defined Transceiver Kits (Australia)

Heil Sound (USA)

Hex Beam (USA)

Hilberling (Germany)

HiQ Antennas (USA)

INAC (Loop Antennas) (Spain)

Isotron Antennas (USA)

Kvk Antennas (Australia)

LDG Electronics (ATU's and Switches (USA))

Mini-Kits (Amateur Kits and Supplies - Australia)

Nally Radio Towers (Australia)

NBS Antennas (Australia)
Noble Radio (4 Metre Band Transceiver Manufacturer - EU)
PreciseRF (Loop Antenna Manufacturer, USA)
Radiowavz Antennas (Antenna Manufacturer, USA)

Ranger (USA)

Rippletech (Antennas, Australia)

Sgc (USA)

Spider Antennas (USA)

Steppir Antennas

Superantennas (USA)

Tak-Tenna (Antennas, USA)

Tet-Emtron Antennas (Australia)

Trans World Antennas (Antennas, USA)

True Ladder Line (Antennas, USA)
Ventenna (Amateur (Ham) Radio Antennas (USA)
Vibroplex (Antennas, Morse Keyers etc USA)

Wonder Wand (UK)

Zero Five Antennas (Antennas, USA)

Amateur Radio Organisations

Alara-Australian Ladies Amateur Radio Association

Amsat (Australia)


Arrl (USA)

China Radio Sports Association (CRSA) (China)

Jarl (Japan)

Medical Amateur Radio Council

Nzart (New Zealand)

Rac (Canada)

Rsgb (UK)

Wia Bookshop (Australia) (330 Kb Pdf File)

Wia (Australia, Federal)

Wia (SA and NT Region)

Wia (Victorian Region)

Wireless Institute of Australia Broadcast page (Updated every Sunday)

Amateur Radio Sites (Various)

ACMA EME (Electro-Magnetic Energy) exposure calculator for transmitter facilities

ACMA Official Amateur Radio Site

Amateur radio buffs battle to get messages through council red tape - SMH

Amateur Radio Satellites Status Page

Amateur Radio Wiki

Australian Amateur (Ham) Radio Forums

Australian Amateur (Ham) Radio FAQ

Australian Truckies (Truckers) Amateur Radio (Ham) Operators

CQGoogle (Multi-Site Search Engine)

CQ Magazine

CQ Magazine on-line archives

Global ALE High Frequency Network

Global QSL (Create and Send Paper Based Amateur (Ham) Radio QSL cards)

Ham College (Western Australia)

Ham Imports (Info on PRC products)

Ham-Mag (Warning: Very Large PDF's!)

Ham Maps (On-line Amateur Radio Maps)

Ham Radio Forum

Ham Radio India

Ham (Amateur) Radio Product Reviews

Ham (Amateur) Radio Resource Guide (USA based information)

Hamsphere (Ionospheric Simulation)

Icom Equipment Page

Internet Ham (Amateur Radio) Atlas

Lat & Lon (USA)

Morse Code: A Closer Look



Qrpworld (Morse and Low Power info)

QTH (Ham Gear for Sale)

Philip Storr's Radio Pages

Radio and Electronics School On-line (Australia)

Radio Books
Radio Geeks (Australia)

73's Ham (Amateur) Radio Social Networking

Solar Cycle 24 (Space Weather) (Canada)

Vkham (Australia)

VK Logger Forums (Australia)



VK4VFX's Amateur Radio Page
VKMail Free e-mail address for Amateur (Ham) Radio Operators

VK5MM Amateur (Ham) Radio Promotional Material

World Wide DX (Amateur (Ham) Radio info and forums)

WSPRnet - Weak Signal Propagation Reporter Network

Amateur Radio Clubs

Adelaide Hills Amateur Radio Society (South Australia)

Barossa Amateur Radio Club (South Australia)

Blue Mountains Amateur Radio Club (New South Wales, Australia)

CW (Morse) Qrp Club (World-Wide)

Mid North Coast Amateur Radio Group (New South Wales, Australia)

North East Radio Club (South Australia)

South Coast Amateur Radio Club (South Australia)

South East Radio Group (South Australia)

Radio Amateurs Old Timers Club (Australia)

Amateur Radio Software

Please Note: Links are in addition to the software page on this site.

Australian Amateur Radio Companion (Cd-Rom)

BKN-5 (Tracks active IARU Beacons)

CW Skimmer (Morse Code Analysis Software)

DL4YHF's Spectrum Lab Analyser

DX Atlas (QTH Locator)

DX Base (Amateur (Ham) Radio Logging)

DX Lab (Amateur (Ham) Radio, Propagation & More)

DX4WIN (Amateur (Ham) Radio Logging)

Easylog (Amateur (Ham) Radio Logging Software)

Easypal (SSTV DRM) Encode/Decode

Fldigi Digital Decoder (CW, DominoEX, Feld-Hell, MFSK, MT-63, PSK-31, OLIVIA, RTTY and Thor.)
FreeDV: Digital Voice for HF (Software)

GenLog (Amateur (Ham) Radio Logging)

Global Overlay Mapping (Maps, Grid Locators)

G8PUT Amateur Radio Logbook (Logging)

Ham Radio Deluxe (Amateur (Ham) Radio Control, Mapping, Logging & PSK-31 Software)

Hamscope (Decode and Transmit)

HamStation (Amateur (Ham) Radio Logging and Control)

Ice Comm (Icom IC-7000 Transceiver Control)

Logger32 (Amateur (Ham) Radio Logging)

LOGic (Amateur (Ham) Radio Logging)

Logview (Contesting Log Visual Tool)

Logwindow (Amateur (Ham) Radio Logging)

MacLoggerDX (Macintosh Logging Software)

Mi-Log (Amateur (Ham) Radio Logging & More)

Mmsstv (SSSTV Decode and Transmit)

N1MM Contest Logging

NZART Morse Code Trainer

ProLog (Amateur (Ham) Radio Logging)

PropNet (On-Line Propagation and Path Analysis)

PSK-31 Information Page

Radio Mobile (Radio Path Software)

Spectran: Spectrum Analyser

Spectrum Lab

SR-5 Spectrum Analyser DSP Filter

SwissLog (Amateur (Ham) Radio Logging)

TRX Manager (Logging and Amateur (Ham) Radio Control)

VK5 (South Australia) Amateur Radio Forum

VK Logger (On-Line Spotter)

White Stick Log (Amateur (Ham) Radio Logging Software for the Vision Impaired)

Winlog32 (Amateur (Ham) Radio Logging)

Win-Test (Contest Logging Software)

Winwarbler (PSK31 Decode and Transmit)

Wfview (Icom Receiver and Transceiver Control Software)

Worked Grids (Grid Logging and Mapping Software)

WSPR: Weak Signal Propagation Reporter

XMlog  (Amateur (Ham) Radio Logging)

YPLog (Logging and Amateur (Ham) Radio control software)

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